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Gives you the smoothest, closest, & most comfortable shave you’ve ever had
Single-blade, stainless steel razor blade means less drag, less irritation, less razor burn & fewer ingrown hairs
Chic, plastic-free design features an extra-long handle so you can shave sustainably & effortlessly
Includes: 1 metal handle, 5 razor blades & razor cap

How to Use

  • twist razor head or handle to separate and open the blade chamber.
  • Carefully unwrap the new blade; hold it by the short edge & gently place it in the top half of the blade chamber.
  • Place the bottom half of the chamber back on, then twist the razor head and handle back together to close.
  • Wet your skin & generously coat desired areas with the kitsch solid shave butter.
  • Gently glide the razor against skin at a 30° angle using short strokes & very little pressure.
  • Rinse razor when finished & allow it to dry completely. For the most effective shave, use a fresh blade each time.

Razor blade refills sold separately