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Introducing the Luxe Toi-et-Moi Ring, a breathtaking piece of jewelry that combines classic design with modern style. The ring is expertly crafted with two high-quality crystals - an Iced Crush Pear crystal and an Emerald Green crystal - that are carefully selected for their exceptional clarity, sparkle, and color.
The crystals are perfectly complemented by the ring's luxurious 14K gold plating, which adds a touch of sophistication and durability. The ring's unique toi-et-moi design features two crystals that meet at the center, symbolizing the coming together of two hearts.
The Iced Crush Pear crystal is cut to maximize its brilliance and catch the light from all angles, while the Emerald Green crystal adds a pop of vibrant color that's sure to turn heads. The ring's sleek and modern design makes it perfect for both formal and casual occasions.
This Luxe Collection Toi-et-Moi Ring is available in a range of sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your finger. It's the ideal way to add a touch of luxury and style to your jewelry collection, and is sure to become a cherished and treasured piece for years to come. Don't miss out on this stunning ring - order yours today and experience the timeless beauty of our Luxe Collection.

Our Luxe Collection is made out of the absolute highest quality materials. We set our C&C crystals with 4 prongs on a 1.5mm band for the most elevated and elegant look.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Plating: Multi-layer 14K Gold 
Stones: 6*9mm 5A Ice Cut Cubic Zirconia + 6*9mm Emerald Cubic Zirconia
Refractive Index: 2.176
CT Equivalent: 2ct each
All of our rings go through extensive testing to guarantee that the color of your ring will not fade. The multi-layer electroplating process creates a tarnish resistant coating. We recommend wearing your C&C LUXE RINGS as you would any other fine jewelry.    & removing it when washing hands, showering, applying lotions, etc.


Available in sizes 4-9. Model is wearing a size 4.